2018-02-16 Council spokesperson meets with CEO of Saminvest, presenting a 3-part funding model
2017-11-23 The council spokesperson at the 2nd World Invention and Innovation Forum 2017 in Foshun, China
2017-06-28 The councils spokesman participates at Global Women Inventors & Innovators' world congress 2017 in Bari
2017-06-14 Participating in the Stockholm Innovation Strategy Conference
2017-06-13 The Innovators Council invited to the government information meet on strategy for IPR
2017-05-29 The Innovators Council's participation in government hearing on 'EU supporting IPR for SME's'
2017-05-23 Participating on the seminar "Institutional Reform for Innovation and Entrepreneurship: An Agenda for Europe"
2017-03-28 IFIAs president supports formations of national innovator councils in 63 member countries, in line with the Swedish model
2017-03-15 Attendance at Workshop/Seminar VINNOVA - about future innovation systems including inventors


Participating on progress report seminar: European Parliament - Europe House, Sthlm


Invitation to Poland Business Gala - Polish Embassy


Meeting of the National Innovators Council


The Innovators Council's participation in government hearings on the EU's 9th Framework Program Research & Innovation


Attendance at the seminar 2017, SFIR - Swedish Association for Intellectual Property Rights


Meeting with Klaes Hallberg, Swedish Employment Agency's HQ in Solna


Meeting with Ian Chan Hodges (US) about a Swedish patent insurance


Meeting with the National Innovation Council's office manager Oskar Thorslund, Swedish Government

2016-12-01 Meeting with the Swedish Patent and Registration Office, IPR intrusion issues


Invitation to the Poland-Sweden Innovation Conference, School of Economics