Societies face major challenges, not only in the environmental and climate fields. Our innovative ability is a prerequisite for finding solutions to these challenges. Sweden ranks internationally high on account of our favorable conditions for innovation. However, much remains for also increasing the actual outcome, in terms of new products and services. Here Sweden has unfortunately declined during the past decade.

Historically, many groundbreaking innovations come from Sweden, but in todays global competition Sweden needs to further streamline its innovation policy.

The National Innovators Council was founded for this reason.
The fifteen constituent members of the Council possess first hand knowledge and empirical experience as active inventors and innovators in a variety of industrial and societal fields, both in Sweden and internationally.

The Council sees as its purpose to contribute to developing Sweden as a nation of innovation, thereby strengthening Sweden's competitiveness.

The Innovators Council constitutes a source of knowledge, a consultative body and networking channel for issues of importance for an efficient innovation policy.

In collaboration with industry, labor organizations, public authorities and policy makers, the Council intends to contribute to solutions for society's many challenges. Dialogue and cooperation strengthens competitiveness, contributes to sustainable development, provides foundation for new Swedish export opportunities and creates more jobs.

The Innovators Council intends to - as operative inventors and entrepreneurs - complement the Swedish Government's expressed holistic perspective on the national innovation policy.

Örjan Strandberg
Founder of and former spokesperson for The National Innovators Council

Members of the National Innovators Council:

Wanja Bellander - Binnova AB
Ylva Dalén - Jump&Joy AB
Solgun Drevik - i3 innovate AB
Conny Gustafsson - DellCron AB
Stefan Hultberg - Qbrick
Håkan Lans - UniBoard AB
Hans-Erik Nilsson - Swedish Innovators
Ulrika Nordenstam - Northern Well AB
Kenneth Palmestål - Soundracer Innovation AB
Börje Ramsbro - 5D Academy AB, System3R
Ylva Ryngebo - Medical Innovation Design AB
Anders Swedin - IntegriTouch Sweden AB
Johan Ullman - Ullman Dynamics AB
Petra Wadström - Solvatten AB
Lars A Wern - European Patent Attorney, EPI, SFIR, SI