Let the international appeal of the Nobel Prize boost innovation

Through the unprecedented strong international status of the Nobel Prize, Sweden has the potential to significantly strengthen its national brand by taking advantage of the prerogative of the prize - in addition to research achievements - also rewarding groundbreaking inventions and innovations.

If the world's most prestigious science award also acknowledged the world's largest inventions, then prominent individual role models would be promoted as well as problem solving technologies, which would undoubtedly stimulate the world's inventors to generate even more technological, industrial and social solutions to the world's problems.

Had the Nobel Prize been awarded also revolutionary innovations such as radio, television, the birth control pill, the airplane, the pacemaker, the computer, the jet engine, insuline preparation, the respirator, ultrasound, the credit card, the mobile phone, the world wide web etc., we're convinced that significantly more inventors would have been stimulated to deliver solutions for climate threats, environmental degradation, resource balancing, democratization and welfare, for the benefit of all countries in the world. 

In order to strengthen the incentives of the world's most distinguished inventors to bring about major and important innovations in the future, the council wishes to encourage the Royal Science Academy to also consider inventions to qualify for the physics prize.

The Swedish National Innovation Council supports the Royal Academy of Sciences, should they equate invention with discovery, as qualifying for Nobel's physics prize.